Learn surfing: What's your surf level?

Find everything you need to know about the different surf levels and which surf package suits your current surf level. Have a look at our offers and coaching philosophy too, to learn more about how to learn surfing in Morocco with Surf Soul Adventure.

Surfing for Beginner: Level 1 and 2

A typical beginner

  • Is a total surf newbie or (L1)
  • Has already tried surfing a few times (L1)
  • Has already some white water experience or (L2)
  • Could surf small green waves a few times (L2)

Surfing for advanced surfer: Level 3 and 4

A typical advanced surfer has

  • Already spent some surf lessons on the softboard (L3)
  • Is capable of Turtle Rolls (L3)
  • Started paddling for and surfing green waves independently (L4)
  • Is ready to learn or improve turns (L4)

Surfing for Pros: Surf Guiding

A typical experienced surfer

  • Can surf green waves independently (manoeuvres & turns …)
  • Has a lot of experience in surfing alone in the line up
  • Has his / her own equipment
  • Don’t know where to find the best waves in the area
  • Is looking for a local surf guide who will take him/her to the best spots

Surfing with Surf Soul Adventure

Find everything you need to know about your surf trip to Morocco. Take a look at our surf packages, surf levels, surf spots, surfboards and our surf coaching philosophy. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by mail or phone.

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