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Surf Boards

The choice of the surfboard is key if you want to make fast and lasting progress in surfing. There are many different types and shapes of
surfboards. Your surfing skills and the conditions of the day (waves, wind, tides) determine what kind of surfboard you should surf best.

LENGHT OF THE SURF BOARD The longer the surf board, the easier it is to paddle and stand up due to
more stability under your feet: Because of this additional stability,
beginners usually start with a longer soft board. But that doesn’t mean
that more advanced surfers will always get a shorter board: Long board
surfing practically has its own subculture with its own professional
surfing scene and is often associated with soul surfing.

WIDTH: The width of the surf board influences the floating capacity in the
water and the stability of the surf board under your feet: The wider the
board, the more stability the board has.

VOLUME: The depth or thickness of the surf board determines how well it swims. The greater the floatability, the smoother the ride and the easier it is to paddle.

whether you're a beginner or an intermediate surfer, our package includes soft boards and hard boards ranging from 7.6-8.2, perfectly suited for our wave conditions at intermediate levels. for those seeking an experienced surfing guiding experience, we offer performance boards such as short boards and long boards for rent.

SURF BOARDS FOR BEGINNER: We have a lot of different soft boards for everyone who has started surfing or is surfing for the first time. Soft boards are boards that offer a lot of stability and thanks to the soft surface and flexible, less sharp fins, the risk of injury is absolutely minimal. We also recommend soft boards for small waves.

SURF BOARDS FOR ADVANCED SURFERS: We offer a selection of surf boards for advanced and experienced surfer: mixture of soft- and hard boards, several hard boards and of course short boards. If you already have your own board, bring it with you. This is the only way to learn to surf different kind of waves with your own board and make progress.