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salty goats



the following terms and conditions apply for all stays booked with ‘sarl surf company s.s.a.’


“surf soul adventure”, “salty goats” are brands belonging to the company “SARL SURF COMPANY S.S.A.”. every booking and purchase made through “surf soul adventure” and / or “salty goats” is made with “sarl surf company s.s.a.”


in order to confirm the booking, a deposit of 30% is requested. the remaining amount has to be paid upon arrival. 

prices will not normally be subject to change, however “sarl surf company s.s.a.” reserves the right to increase or decrease prices due to variations in service charges or exchange rates.

“sarl surf company s.s.a.” is not responsible or liable for the changing value of exchange rates or transfer fees that may incur to complete payment of deposit. transfer fees have to be paid by the sender / guest.

the following deposit payment options are available: credit card payment: available via provider ‘tab travel’: tab travel will be charging with their tab travel fee (max 4%).


every guest is requested to inform “sarl surf company s.s.a.” as soon as possible in case of any cancellation of the booking.

the following cancellation policies apply:

≈ 6 weeks and more before arrival: reschedule a booking within 6 months (no additional costs).

≈ 6 – 0 weeks before arrival: loss of 100% of the deposit paid towards “sarl surf company s.s.a.”

≈ if a guest wishes to shorten their stay or cancel pre-booked add-ons while they are with “sarl surf company s.s.a.”, there is no refund to remaining days or pre-booked add-ons.

≈ should one or more member of a group booking cancel, it may increase the per person holiday price of those still travelling and guests will be liable to pay this increase.

≈ “sarl surf company s.s.a.” reserves the right to cancel a booking (before arrival or on site), if a guest does not comply with the guidelines and rules or if a guest stands out by behaviour which could effect the quality of “sarl surf company s.s.a.”s service negatively.

a quarantine process (if needed), upgrade to single room, any pcr tests, travel, doctor’s visits, etc will be at your own expense. you have to make sure your travel insurance will cover in this instance. if moroccan authorities issue a lockdown or flight restrictions between morocco and a guests departure country “sarl surf company s.s.a.” offers free rebooking.


it may sometimes be necessary to combine, on certain transfers, customers arriving or departing on more than one flight. it may require additional waiting time at the airport or bus station. maximum waiting time at the airport is 60 mins. 


every guest is obliged to take out insurance: adequate travel insurance is a condition of the contract with “sarl surf company s.s.a.”. every guest must be sure that their insurance fully covers all personal requirements including pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation charges, medical expenses and repatriation in the event of accident or illness.

if a guest chooses to travel without adequate insurance cover, “sarl surf company s.s.a.” will not be liable for any losses: the guest will not be entitled to any refund for all activities offered by “sarl surf company s.s.a.” or partners.

“sarl surf company s.s.a.” declines any responsibility for theft or damage to persons or belongings during the stay.

every guest will be responsible for any damage caused to all equipment and property belonging to “sarl surf company s.s.a.”.


“sarl surf company s.s.a.” guides the guests to different spots and informs about the current conditions. the exercise of any activity is at the guest’s own risk and “sarl surf company s.s.a.” declines all responsibility and cannot be held responsible for the safety of the guest, injury or death.

the package surf guiding does not include teaching or expert advice. every guiding guest needs to be able to manage themself in the water. the surf guides will take guests to surf spots and suggest where to surf. every guest has to be aware of their own level and skills.

“sarl surf company s.s.a.” promises that the maximum group size for each surf instructor is limited to 6 guests. this ensures that each participant receives personalized attention and a safe surfing experience. in special cases, such as last-minute group changes or if a surf instructor falls ill, “sarl surf company s.s.a.” may allow up to 8 guests to join a surf lesson with a single instructor. this decision will be made at the discretion of “sarl surf company s.s.a” and is subject to availability and safety considerations.


there will be no discount on guests package if a guest decide to join an excursion instead of the daily surf lessons / surf guiding.

a refund is only possible if “sarl surf company s.s.a.” is not able to organise the purchased upgrade or excursion due to unexpected circumstances or when the required minimum amount of participants is not reached. “sarl surf company s.s.a.” decide if an upgrade or excursion can take place or not.