Yoga in Morocco: simply unforgettable

Yoga is the perfect complement to surfing and helps to make faster progress in surfing. Our unique yoga terrace is designed as a true retreat for body, heart and mind: As you glide your gaze out onto the sea, your breath is filled with a fresh ocean breeze. Start the next adventure full of energy and relax your tired muscles after an exciting day of surfing… Yoga can be so unique in Morocco!


360° yoga rooftop

Behind us the mountains, in front of us the sea – this is our little paradise for Yoga in Morocco. Enjoy the unique view over the surf spots along the coast, beautiful sunrises over the mountains and breathtaking sunsets over the sea. And the best of all: You can also enjoy this pure beauty during our yoga classes on the rooftop. Enjoy a Moroccan tea and the breathtaking view over the sea before you start your yoga class.

Surfing and Yoga in Morocco

Yoga is the best choice when it comes to training your surf skills out of the water: More focused in the waves, with improved balance on the surfboard and strengthened muscles that make you feel better in the line-up and let you surf better. That’s why we offer a combination of surfing and yoga in Morocco. Check out this package and get closer to your perfect surfing and yoga experience in Morocco: