To all the adventurous Surf Souls out there

For some people surfing is a sport, a cool pastime, a way to spend some days at the beach having fun in the water and get tanned. And then there are surf souls.

For surf souls surfing is everything – fucking everything.
They wake up in the morning with a smile on their faces – full of anticipation on the next surf session.
They stand at the beach, starring at the waves like they just saw the most beautiful thing ever.
While paddling out, they become one with the surfboard they just carefully waxed.
They love the smell of this wax, of the salty air, of the zinc cream on their noses.

For them surfing is a philosophy with a lot of life lessons: It’s great fun to face bigger challenges because a breathtaking ride will reward your courage. Overcome fears and be one with the beautiful environment. Focus on the present and enjoy the calmness that you instantly feel. Relax, be patent and wait for the right moment – your time will come.

Did I just describe your fascination for surfing? Nothing else matters to you when you are surfing? Surfing is like an escape from everything – and in the same moment surfing becomes everything to you?
Then you’re definitely one of those surf souls!

This freedom, this unique sense of untouchableness, you feel while surfing, is nothing less than addictive.
The good news: Surfing never stops because the ocean doesn’t stop! Let’s share these magical moments and the love for surfing and ride those waves together.


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