Our surf coaching philosophy: Become an independent surfer

Our philosophy is to help you become an independent surfer. We teach you as much as possible about surfing, waves and reading the ocean. Our certified, experienced surf instructors help you with professional video and photo feedback and individual instructions to make sure you get the most out of your surf adventure.

Photo and Video Feedback

Photo and video feedback is essential if you want to improve your surf level and make visible progress during your surf holidays in Morocco. We take short videos and photos of several of your surf sessions and give feedback on selected evenings (on big screen). This will help you take important steps towards becoming an independent surfer and are great memories of your surf holidays.


The perfect surf spot

More than 20 surf spots can be found along the west coast of Morocco from Agadir to Taghazout. We are happy to surf a wide variety of spots! Once arrived at the beach, we explain which surf spot is surfable during which condition and which ones are suitable for your level – an absolutely central step towards an independent surfer!


The best material

Depending on your surf level, conditions and surf goal, you will need a specific surfboard to make great progress. We make sure you get the surfboard that suits your surf level and explain the advantages of the surfboard recommended to you. You can also surf different surfboards during your holidays and try different surfboards.

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