One week of Surf Soul Adventure Vibes

Last week we received the review below! Michael booked our Surf Soul Yogi Package and stayed with us for 1 week – and wants to share his experience with all of you now. So if you have ever been wondering how surf holidays with us look like, here is all you need to know:

“What should I say? It was really amazing and I had a really good time with awesome people. But step by step. Let me explain:

About me

I’m an absolute surf noob and have never been on a surfboard before. I’m not experienced in skateboarding, snowbarding or skiing, which makes it even harder for a beginner to learn surfing. But I really wanted to learn it so I booked the “Surf Soul Yogi” package. I googled and compared some surf camps in Tamraght, as well as the reviews. In the end, I liked the pictures, the image video and the website of Surf Soul Adventure the most. So I booked it. And I did not regret it 😉

About the camp

The camp is very nice and I felt very comfortable right from the start. The surf house offers 3 floors and a roof terrace. I stayed in a double room with private toilet and shower. Everything was clean – impeccable hygiene! The furniture in the rooms are kept to a minimum and I liked the little details like plants, pictures and decoration material. Everything fits together and you find everything you need. Breakfast, yoga lesson and dinner take place on the large rooftop terrace. If the weather is nice, it is definitely the place to start and finish the day with Moroccan food. By the way: All meals were fresh and well prepared  – And there was always plenty to eat!

The view from the rooftop is very cool with nice, so you can enjoy sunrise and sunset and the best thing is that you can almost see all the beach sections to check the spots before deciding where to go. You find a small but nice reading room on the ground floor where we relaxed, played exploding kittens (awesome card game), and talked with each other in the evening.

About surf lessons

The friendly and funny Moroccan surf coach Omar is really excited about what he does. You will feel it too, otherwise you are probably a stone. I would say that 50% of your surf success depend on the surf coach and 50% on you and your attitude. I was really excited about the whole surf experience and that I was able to stand up and surf after a few tries. And thanks to Omar, I was really motivated and had a lot of fun! He pushed me to get better and corrected me if I made mistakes. Omar shows exactly what to do and explains everything to the point where you understand what’s going on under and on the surfboard. While learning surfing, you make a lot of mistakes, but with Omar as a coach, it doesn’t feel like mistakes! It feels like a great learning process. My recommendation: Do not be afraid of big white waves and make a lot of mistakes, recognise your mistakes immediately, then you will improve quickly, believe me 😉


About Andrea

She is the good soul next to Omar and takes care of you. She picked me up in Agadir and before we met, I texted her on Facebook and asked many questions. She is from Switzerland, so you can even write in German. You can ask almost anything: When does the Supratour bus travel from Marrakech to Agadir? Can you order a taxi to Agadir? Where is the next ATM? And very important for sharing the impressions of the day with your loved ones – what is the Wi-Fi password 😉
To be honest, it did not feel like staying in a hostel / surf camp. It’s more like spending some time with friends. We laughed, played, ate, surfed and enjoyed our time together and had a really great time. Unfortunately, I have not seen much of Morocco, so I need to come back one day =)

I wish I could have stayed longer in your great surf camp. I think I have to negotiate with my boss soon about more holidays!

Hasta la vista!”


*Michael booked our Surf Soul Yogi package and spent one week with us in February 2019. We did not pay him for writing such a nice review 😉

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