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in 2018 we opened our doors to surf lovers from around the world. ever since then we have given our guests the full surf experience, full of adventure and food for the soul – hence “surf soul adventure”.
what make us happy the most is seeing our guests screaming with joy when surfing the waves, and screaming of surprise when seeing the famous goats in the trees. which is why we have always called our guests “our lovely salty goats”: just like the goats are never too afraid to bravely climb up spiky argan trees to reach another delicious fruit, our guests are never too tired to catch another wave, never too scared to smash their own limits!

when the pandemic hit, so many of our lovely guests reached out to us, telling us again how much they loved their surf home in morocco and how much they were already looking forward to our come back after this most difficult period. that touched us so much and we promised with all our heart – inspired by our guests, and just like the goats – that we would not only survive this crisis, but thrive and make it an even better home for you! there was only one way forward for us and that was to put the name of our lovely guests on the door: SALTY GOATS!

so we could not be prouder that our surf camp is not only your home again, but now wears your name too:

welcome to the SALTY GOATS surf house by surf soul adventure

upgrades & extra fun you can have 

≈ sand surfing: 10 – 40€
on the way back from imsouane (10€) or as a 1/2 day excursion (40€)

≈ yoga classes: 10€
drop in class (10€/h)

≈ cooking class: 10€
learn how to cook vegetarian, chicken or meat tajines

≈ surf skating lesson: 15€
learn how to surf on the streets to improve your surf skills in the water

≈ souk el had: 40 € per taxi
discover one of the biggest markets (~3h)

≈ spa hammam & massage: spahouse tamraght
hammam 300 dh, massage 350 dh, both, 550 dh (payment in cash only)

≈ add a surf session for your departure day 
join us for a surf session on your departure day: 25€ (instead of 40€)

≈ beach towel & bag rent: 8€ / week
please don’t take our towels to the beach, rent a beach bag & specific beach towels from us instead

≈ surf equipment insurance: 20€
you are fully responsible for your wetsuit and surfboard during your stay. thank you for signing our surf equipment insurance (20€ / week) to cover your wetsuit, surfboard, leash.

≈ performance board rental: 8€ / day
rent a performance board


≈ tamraght: babakoul (typical moroccan food €), let’s be (beautiful bowls and vegan meals €€), chez brahim (fish dishes right next to the ocean €)
best coffee in town: hey yallah (5 min walk, €€)

≈ taghazout: le spot (pizza, pasta, fish and tajines €), café berbère (perfect for a tea & bonfire with ocean view €€), dfrost sea side (sunday evening live music, wine and beer €€€), munga guest house (pizza and fancy bar €€€)


≈ option 1: we call a private taxi for you that will pick you up from the surf camp and will bring you to the centre of taghazout
≈ option 2: walk down to the main road and take one of the “collective taxis” that constantly drive aourir – tamraght – taghazout – tamraght – aourir and work like little shuttle buses
(tipp: walk to babakoul, order a refreshing juice while waiting for the taxi)
≈ option 3: walk down to the beach (head towards devils rock) and walk along the beach to taghazout. it takes about 1h -1.5h and is extra beautiful during sunset


≈ liquor store agadir: 25€ (please note: drinking alcohol in public areas such as the beach is strictly forbidden )
≈ airport (if not included in your package): 30€
≈ bus station (if not included in your package): 20€
≈ taghazout: private taxi with pick up at the surf camp and drop of in taghazout centre 17€
≈ marrakech: 130€
≈ essaouira 1 way: 120€ / day trip: 160€
≈ hospital: 20€
≈ atm transfer: 5€


≈ print flight ticket: 2€ (for ryanair & easyjet)
≈ laundry:~5-8€
a salon is located in tamraght (next to hey yallah), drop your laundry after surfing and pick it up the next day
≈ atm / exchange: atms are located in aourir next to “hotel littoral“: (max 2000dh / transaction)
exchange offices in aourir next to “pharmacie baraka“, or in tamraght right behind the sushi restaurant “fleur de ming


it is our honor to open our doors for you and to welcome you in our surf camp.

please respect the following points:
≈ we like you too, but we also like our value being respected: our prices are non-negotiable
≈ if you decide to add an extra service, you will have to pay for it (at the end of your stay)
≈ we would love to offer you services for free since we do this work with all our heart. however we pride ourselves on giving great value and service to you, our guests, and if we did things for free, something else may suffer. we are therefore sure you will agree: it is not possible to offer extra services (add-ons) for free.

mama earth says `thank you`

≈ safe power: TURN OFF LIGHTS & unplug chargers 

we are very conscious about resources. if you wish your room to be cleaned, hang the small wooden sign “please clean my room” on your room door (outside) and we will be very happy to take care of it

≈ toilet: do not throw feminine hygiene products or trash in the toilet (toilet paper is ok though)

≈ use water wisely: we are located in an area with very little water, please do not waste water – every drop counts

≈ sharing is caring: take care, be kind, be considerate of other people and other species and be loving

returning guest discount & review

as a returning guest you profit from a 5% discount on your next booking (use coupon code HELLOAGAIN).
we’d be very happy if you’d leave a review for future surf guests here:


google review

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links are available for 7 days. the photos will be deleted after (we’re sure you understand that we won’t be able to re-upload the photos after a link expired). please save this sites link if you want to download the photos at home!


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